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By JGZimmerle Date 2007-02-22 12:54

After several years of running this forum (and paying for traffic, domain-fees, etc.) the time has come where I can no longer justify the work that goes into it. I have moved all my other sites and the sites of clients to a new server and onto a new software platform with a content management system. I just can't justify the amount of time and effort needed to do the same with this site or even to install the mwforum software on the new server, transfer the database and regularly install the updates to mwforum. So I'm taking the interactive parts of it down. A static image of the current state of the forum will remain (created by wget --mirror) as a resource for all you brave RISC OS users.
If one of you would like to re-create the Microdigital site or a new site for Microdigital users in the Joomla CMS I'm happy to install it for you and turn management of the site over to the volunteer. Before you volunteer, check out the Joomla CMS at http://www.joomla.org and try the online-demo at http://demo.joomla.org/.

In the meantime, you can continue your discussions on this google group:

If you can not reach me by mail on JGZimmerle@Yahoo.co.uk, that might be because of my spam filter. Try to put the name of our favourite operating system on the subject line to get past it or get someone with my phone number (like Detlef Thielsch of German dealer a4com) to contact me. I also check out the article comments on Drobe from time to time. You can also send me a letter by snail mail to:

Julian Zimmerle
Bördenstr. 17
59494 Soest

It will take a few weeks to reach me though, because it has to be forwarded to my New Zealand address.

All the best to everyone!

Julian Zimmerle
- Julian G. F. Zimmerle
Previous Next Up Topic Misc / News / Closing of the forum (6 hits)