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Welcome to MicroDigital

MicroDigital design and manufacture high performance, energy efficient computer solutions based on our world beating Lightning chipset, ARM® RISC processors and the RISC OS® operating system.

We produce a range of standard OEM solutions which we offer together with a bespoke design and consultancy service aimed at companies who wish take advantage of the low power, high performance capabilities of the ARM® processor range and Intel® StrongArm® and XScale® designs.

We also produce the world's first soft desktop computer, the Omega, which is the most powerful RISC OS computer yet built. The Omega is a dual processor design based around our Lightening graphics and Northbridge chips and represents a marriage between Arm's® low power high performance processors and Intel's® StrongArm® XScale® technology and the RISC OS operating system with the best that the ageing PC design has to offer, Southbridge chips, PCI expansion cards and low cost peripherals.

We also offer a RISC OS/Windows portable - the Alpha Notebook, a go anywhere computer that on one hand is a fully featured RISC OS portable with StrongArm performance whilst on the other, it's a fully featured PC notebook powered by a 2GHz Celeron processor running Windows XP a two computers in one solution.

For full details of our products and services please follow the relevant navigation buttons, for details of the company and what we are about, why not become a regular reader of our online magazine the NewsDesk. We hope you find the visit to our site rewarding if you wish to make any comments about the site write to the, or comments about our services or products to

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